Bringing dead trees to life

Does it matter where your wood comes from?

We think so. Wood from local trees is a valuable resource that is often otherwise chipped or turned to firewood. Using local wood cuts transportation costs and emissions, supports local economies, and brings out the artistry of your community with quality goods and services.

Who We Are

Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW) is a network of independent businesses and nonprofit organizations recycling urban trees back into the social and economic lives of communities across Wisconsin.

How it works

WUW arborists identify eligible sawlogs among trees destined for removal due to death, disease, or other human related causes. WUW arborists coordinate with local WUW sawyers who take the logs and saw them into useable lumber. WUW kiln operators dry the wood to stabilize its properties for multiple uses. Some WUW partners sell the lumber in retail shops, others use the wood to produce enduring goods. WUW municipalities provide logs as raw materials for recycling back into their communities as jobs and as a means of responsible stewardship of their urban forests. WUW partner organizations act as agents for locating supply and demand for our woods or services. WUW advocates support our mission financially and help tell the story of Wisconsin Urban Wood.

WUW comes from local trees removed only because of insect, disease or circumstance, NOT because of their timber value. These trees are recycled into lumber, furniture, flooring, art, architecture, and other enduring wood goods..

Our Motto

100% Highest Use for Every Tree 100% of the Time. The highest use for any tree is for it to grow healthy and strong. When it can no longer serve in this way, best practices are to ensure its highest uses based on carbon sequestration--by converting the wood into long lived, locally produced goods.


We're glad to hear of your interest in Wisconsin Urban Wood. Contact us for more information.

Reach us

(608) 622-7212
Madison WI 53704

This website was funded in part by an urban forestry grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Program as authorized under x. 23.097. Wis. Stat.