Wisconsin Urban Wood

Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW) is committed to the social, economic, and ecological benefits of urban trees. WUW’s independent businesses and organizations are part of a 501c3 nonprofit network that reclaims urban trees for their highest and best uses–first for their environmental benefits as living healthy trees, and next for their wood after their growing years are over.  We collaborate to divert quality logs from the chipper and landfill, or from being cut into firewood, and transform them into lumber, furniture, flooring, art, architecture, and other enduring wood goods. 

The most important part of our work is YOU. When you purchase WUW products and services you support Wisconsin’s trees and their woods by making their recovery possible in the first place. If you are not in the market for purchasing wood goods or tree services, please consider a generous donation to our organization.

WUW guarantees the lumber and wood products with the WUW brand have been processed locally from local trees that would have otherwise been destroyed.

Our Motto

Networking for the highest and best use for every tree 100% of the time. The highest use for any tree is for it to grow healthy and strong. When it can no longer serve in this way, best practices are to ensure its highest uses by converting the wood into long lived, locally produced goods.