About Us

We Believe

Trees provide their greatest benefits while growing healthy and strong. When they can no longer serve in this way, they continue to provide benefits when converted into wood and long-lived locally produced goods. WUW partners work together to build supply, demand, and markets for urban wood.  WUW operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization to promote the full cycle benefits of trees and their related human economies.

We work together for the sake of urban trees and their woods

  • WUW arborists identify eligible saw logs among trees destined for removal
  • WUW sawyers transport the logs and saw them into useable lumber
  • WUW kiln operators dry the wood to stabilize its properties for multiple uses
  • A variety of WUW partners sell the lumber directly or in retail shops
  • A variety of WUW partners use the wood to produce enduring goods
  • WUW partner organizations engage urban wood supply, demand and markets
  • WUW municipalities partner with WUW to salvage trees and build urban wood awareness in their communities
  • WUW advocates promote our mission with outreach, education and funding
  • WUW supporters contribute to our work with their time, effort, and money

If you are interested in being part of the stewardship of our urban forests, we’d love hear from you.  Please introduce yourself to us. Provide your information here on our Partnership Inquiry Form.

Outreach Partners

WUW partner organizations and individuals provide informed education and outreach about the urban forest, its benefits, challenges and stewardship. Outreach Partners bring critical feedback and support with experience that spans industries, journalism, and leadership in public office. The urban wood movement in Wisconsin would not be what it is today without the support of these community partners. Thank you!