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From design inspired by organic forms to the use of reclaimed materials, I pose the question: What is our place in the natural world? Seeking to not only understand our impact on nature but how it in influences us. We yearn for a connection to nature on a cellular level. The building blocks of my sculpture-mosaics represent the building blocks of life. I create art that is a piece of the puzzle, bringing my distinctive interpretation of nature indoors. My compositions create a balance between the materials, textures and colors that truly ring like a correct pitch. Mine is a soulful response to living in a chaotic world. As a long time resident of Madison WI, my heart is rooted in the upper-Midwest. The perspective that this region brings seeps into my mentality. As an apprentice I fell in love with wood as a dynamic medium. Through the  combination of wood, glass, metal, paper and light, I suggest relationships between us and our environment. I am committed to using locally sourced and reclaimed materials in innovative ways. By fusing art, design and ethics I am contributing to creating a better, built environment.     


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Aaron D Laux
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