The Mill & Kiln

At the Mill & Kiln we look at trees a bit differently than most. When we see a tree that is dead or dying, we see endless possibilities. From the first moment we expose the grain, our team of woodworkers decide what would the best use be to capture the natural beauty of the tree that lay before us. The Mill & Kiln initially started as a Habitat for Humanity project for urban wood. The ” Rescued Wood ” is being used in projects all over the State. We are a small boutique Mill and Kiln. We work hard to insure that no part of the tree is discarded.  A proud supporter of the Wisconsin Urban Wood movement,  we work with only vulnerable trees which have been damaged by insects, diseases or unavoidable circumstances. They are rescued and re-purposed. 

Traditionally, local mills are less expensive, the quality is better, and you’re face-to-face with the people who cut the log, People who get to know you , know what you want and create a personal relationship with you. 

 At the Mill, you’ll find native hardwoods in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Ash,  Cherry, Spalted Maple, Oak, Honey Locust, Hickory, Beech,  Birch…. what do you have that you would like to have cut?

Boards range in sizes from 8″ – 20″+ wide and 4 – 12 ‘ long.
​Thick, wide slices — called slabs — cut from the top to the bottom of a log are usually 8/4 ( 2″ ) in size and many times have a live edge( bark is on ) They are in demand for use as tables, counter tops, bars and unique furniture.

Got A PROJECT? Ask us and we can cut the logs in to the size and thickness you desire. Typically air dried for at least 60 days, we then can kiln dry the wood to insure the stability and de-infestation of any creepy crawlies that may be in the wood or cambium/bark areas.

Looking for slabs to turn? we have blocks of various woods just waiting for some creative soul to ” take a turn at “….

Hobbyist? We have slab cut off and thin wood that is desirable for crafters, sign makers, engravers and even taxidermists.

Products List
  • Kiln
  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Lumber
  • Sawmill
Tipi Borges
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