Green Tier


For Municipalities

Wisconsin Urban Wood’s Green Tier Charter helps Green Tier Legacy Communities move further faster toward reaching their sustainability goals. The GreenTier Legacy Communities Charter is a unique partnership between Wisconsin communities, non-profit organizations, and state agencies. The WI DNR works together with these entities to assist communities in developing and implementing sustainability measures. WUW’s Charter supports municipalities in pursuit of achieving superior environmental stewardship by focusing on urban wood utilization.  Full list of Green Tier Legacy Communities Partners. Why become a Green Tier Legacy Community?   Current Green Tier Legacy Communities.

For Businesses

Through Wisconsin Urban Wood’s Green Tier Charter, WUW members provide urban forest owners with confidence that the member is practicing sound business management practices at all levels by by adherence to WUW governing documents. The WI DNR recognizes WUW governing documents as advancing the cause of forestry in the state to promote the best interests of the people and the state in forestry, and in assistance to landowners to secure adoption of better forestry practices, in furtherance of Wis. Stat. 28.01 and 28.07.