Urban Wood

Every year, thousands of trees are removed from streets, backyards, parks and other urban green spaces due to storms, construction, disease or insects such as the emerald ash borer.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, salvaged timber generated from urban tree removals could produce 3.8 billion board feet of sustainable lumber annually.

Unfortunately, most of these trees are turned into wood chips and firewood or hauled to landfills as waste.

Wisconsin Urban Wood works collaboratively to processe these urban trees as a sustainable resource. Many urban trees are suitable for lumber, flooring, furniture, art, architectural designs and household goods.  When you use WUW’s local services and buy products made from your own or another’s tree, you will

  • Foster a resilient urban forest
  • Enjoy enduring goods
  • Help build a local, living economy
  • Significantly reduce transportation costs and emissions
  • Prevent unnecessary harvesting of forests around the world

Please help us make your urban forest a sustainable resource.