Eau Claire Guitar Works | Gordy Bischoff, Tim Brudnicki and … another Winner

Tim Brudnicki, Gordy Bischoff, and Richard Kelly–winner of the Bischoff Guitar made with urban wood by WUW partner, Tim Brudnicki and Gordy Bischoff.

Richard Kelly won the guitar raffle that raised more than $4,000 going toward the construction of the Confluence Arts Center of Eau Claire.  Other facts…
– The guitar was built using urban wood from the city of Eau Claire by Eau Claire Guitar Works.  
– Eau Claire Guitar Works is now in business, building custom electric guitars using reclaimed urban wood from the city of Eau Claire.  Visit them at www.facebook.com/eauclaireguitarworks
– The guitar is cool
– Eau Claire Guitar Works is a collaboration between Gordy Bischoff (a master acoustic guitar builder for 40 years) and Tim Brudnicki!
See more of Tim’s work on his Tree Purpose website:  www.treepurposeofeauclaire.com 
Let the music play on! And congratulations, Richard!