Urban Wood Art Gallery Reception: Phoenix from the Ashes

Phoenix from the Ashes is a unique partnership between the Madison Parks Department, Madison Arts Commission, and Wisconsin Urban Wood. The trees, once felled, were milled by The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin, an urban wood supplier and maker in Oregon, WI. The milled ash wood was made available to local nonprofits for construction projects, high schools for class instruction, and artists for sculptures and installations. This exhibition in the Overture Galleries, highlights the sculptures created by artists.

The Gallery Reception will take place on Friday Sept. 6th from 6pm to 8pm and is free to attend. 

To view full event details, you can visit the event page on the Overture Center for the Arts website at https://www.overture.org/events/phoenix-from-the-ashes 

Madison Community Foundation’s Year of Giving and the City of Madison Arts Commission proudly support this project.

Overture Galleries are sponsored by Norman Berven & Barbara Mittelstaedt Berven, The Arts Access Fund, a component fund of the Madison Community Foundation and by contributions to Overture Center for the Arts.